UKAS Our UKAS Accreditation has been extended to include increased Shock and Vibration testing capabilities, plus Salt Mist testing

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Will your product survive in the environment in which it has been designed to work?

Product reliability is essential if you are to maintain customer confidence. Product failure is annoying, costly, and potentially dangerous; it also damages a company's reputation and its hard earned position in the market place.

The testing of a product in environmental conditions such as high and low temperature, rapid temperature change, humidity, vibration and shock can show if it meets its specification. Testing at extremes can also give increased confidence in the robustness of the product's design. If the product fails during testing, the failure mode can be analysed and the design changed to eliminate the problem.

Our experienced environmental test engineers and modern equipment allow us to offer a wide range of environmental testing.

PARC Ltd also has links with neighbouring facilities which allow us to offer you a 'one-stop-solution' for all of your environmental testing, EMC testing and safety testing needs.

Please contact us for advice and to discuss how our services can improve the reliability of your products.

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